3 Things to Do for Your Heating System Before Winter

Sitting at the edge of the Rocky Mountains means beautiful winter vistas. It also means heavy cold that requires a trustworthy heating system to keep you warm so you can enjoy that beautiful view. The snow hasn’t blown in yet, but it’s already time to start thinking about how to maintain your heater for the coming season. You can avoid unpleasant surprises and expensive repairs by taking advantage of the slower season to get speedy service from HVAC companies. If you take these three steps before winter hits, you’ll have a heater that should work all the way to the spring. And remember: Colorado Springs heating maintenance and repairs are a snap with the help of Airflow Pros and its staff of NATE-certified technicians.

1. Schedule maintenance

We’ll put the most important step first. A complicated piece of machinery like your heating system—whether it’s a boiler, furnace, or heat pump—requires regular inspections and tune-ups so that it keeps working properly. If you lag on maintenance, your system will have a shorter lifespan. But more crucially for the near future, a maintenance check can prevent a breakdown during the coldest time of the year.

2. Clean and change the filter

This applies to furnaces and heat pumps, which use forced air to circulate heat through your home. The filter is responsible for catching debris and dust so it won’t contaminate the interior of your system. During the heating season, a filter should be changed once a month. Don’t start the season with an old filter—give your heater the cleanest start possible.

3. Update your thermostat

You may still have an older thermostat that uses mercury. These models are often inaccurate, making it difficult to maintain the temperature you want and causing unnecessary energy waste. Have a digital model installed—or even better, a programmable one, giving you more control over the temperature in your home.

Your heater will become the most important part of your house when winter arrives: make sure you stay comfortable through the snowy days ahead with the proper care of your system. Airflow Pros is here to help you with heating in Colorado Springs. Start by scheduling a maintenance visit with one of our experts. We promise to do the job 100% right or it’s 100% free.

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