Colorado Springs Boiler FAQ: Basic Components

There are plenty of reasons why so many homeowners in Colorado Springs and throughout the country choose heat their homes with boilers. This type of system is highly efficient and extremely effective. The radiant heating boilers generate allows for a very comfortable, even heating of your home. Despite the many, many homeowners that choose to employ a boiler when heating their homes, many people still have little idea of how exactly a boiler works. At Airflow Pros we thought we’d give you some information about basic boiler components to help you gain an understanding of your boiler’s operation. Feel free to call us if you have any further questions.

Your boiler uses a separate component, called the burner, to heat water and create steam in order to heat your home. Obviously the burner is an integral part of your boiler system, serving a crucial function. The burner is regulated by the central control system of any home heating system, the thermostat. It is the thermostat that reads temperatures in your home and triggers the boiler into action when temperatures dip below the desired target. When more heat is needed fuel is fed into the system, combustion occurs and the burner is able to heat the liquid that your boiler uses to heat your entire home.

The combustion chamber is the point where this fuel burning takes place. Temperatures get extremely high in this part of the boiler system. Once the heat is generated here it is sent to a heat exchanger.

This is where heat created into the combustion chamber is transferred to the heating liquid. Water absorbs this heat and is then pumped through your home in a series of pipes. The heat contained within these pipes is the final product of your boiler’s operation.

Your boiler is a very durable machine with few moving parts. It is still necessary to schedule professional boiler maintenance service in Colorado Springs despite this durability. There is simply no other way to ensure the safe, efficient and reliable operation of your boiler. For more information about boiler services in your neighborhood contact the Colorado Springs heating experts at Airflow Pros. Contact Airflow Pros!

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