Colorado Springs Heating FAQ: Why Does My Pilot Light Keep Going Out?

Does the pilot light on the gas furnace in your home keep going out? Call the Colorado Springs heating experts at Airflow Pros to help you out with all your furnace and heating repair needs. If your pilot light keeps going out, there are a few potential causes for this.

One potential cause of a furnace pilot light that keeps going out is a draft. This can cause energy loss as well, so you should have a technician to take a look. There could also be a problem with the igniter. If you have a delayed ignition, there will be a large bang or explosion noise a few seconds after the furnace kicks on. This is a safety concern, and you should call a repair technician for service.

Other issues could involve the power source. A furnace that won’t turn on at all could be caused by a circuit breaker that has tripped. Check your electrical panel and be sure you know how to reset the one for the furnace. Make sure the furnace is on at the main power switch as well. A circuit breaker often trips when there are too many appliances running, but the furnace should have its own breaker.

Furnaces are high-wattage appliances, so this should only happen if there’s another power surge outside the home. If your furnace causes a flipped switch often, there could be a larger issue, or you have the wrong type of circuit. You should call an electrician or HVAC contractor if you aren’t sure.

Don’t hesitate to call the Colorado Springs heating repair experts at Airflow Pros any time you need service. Contact Airflow Pros today!

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