Common Air Conditioning Compressor Repairs

The “engine” of your air conditioner is its compressor, and along with the condenser (in the outside unit) and the evaporator (in the inside unit), it is one of the three principle components that make your AC work. The compressor is responsible for moving the refrigerant around the AC inside a sealed circuit. After the refrigerant has absorbed heat from the evaporator, the compressor takes it in and squeezes it into a hot gas. This high pressure gas then flows to the condenser to dissipate the heat to the outdoors. If the compressor in your AC malfunctions, it can lead to trouble for your whole system, leaving you without cool air right when you need it.  But just because a compressor is giving you trouble doesn’t necessarily mean that it must be replaced entirely.

Here are some common repairs our technicians at Airflow Pros often perform on compressors to get them operating once more:

Motor replacement: Compressors use pistons and crankshafts, similar to those in car engines, in order to compact the refrigerant gas and heat it up. A motor runs these parts, and over time it can wear down and suffer from wiring damage. The motor is sealed inside the steel can of the compressor, so you will need a professional to install a new motor to get the unit working again.

Fixing internal motor trouble:  If you hear banging or clanking coming from your air conditioner, it might be the fault of loose pistons or piston pins in the compressor motor. This is a tricky repair to make, so rely on an expert to replace the necessary parts.

Sealing Leaks: If a compressor develops a leak, it will start losing refrigerant. Since your air conditioner is not designed to create more refrigerant, this problem needs to be fixed right away before the system develops problems like frozen evaporator coils. A technician can seal the leak, and will also recharge the refrigerant to get it back to its regular level.

Whatever needs to be done with your compressor, call for expert help like the kind offered at Airflow Pros for your Woodland Park air conditioning repair needs. Our technicians have years of service and are NATE-certified technicians. We also offer service throughout the Colorado Springs area.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or take advantage of our 24-hour emergency service.

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