Common Furnace Problems You May Encounter

Whether it uses gas or oil, your furnace can be your best friend when you need reliable heating in Woodland Park. When functioning properly, it can provide you with a dependable respite from the cold and snow, leaving your home warm and comfortable during even the chilliest winter days. When it breaks down or suffers from performance problems, you need a reliable repair service to correct it quickly and efficiently. A well-maintained furnace will perform reliably for many years, but even the most carefully-maintained unit will have problems every now and then.

Here’s a brief list of some common furnace problems you may encounter

  • Pilot light or thermocouple problems. The pilot light ignites the gas in the burners into order to start up the heating process, while the thermocouple regulates the flow of gas (and shuts the gas down if the pilot light isn’t lit in order to prevent gas from leaking into your home). If either of these components is malfunctioning (and they’re sometimes combined into a single unit), the furnace itself won’t turn on.
  • Thermostat problems. The thermostat depends on proper placement in your home to do its job; if poorly placed, it could misread the temperature dues to drafts, excessive sunlight or similar outliers. The thermostat may also be faulty, resulting in a misreading of the temperature and failing to turn on the furnace when it should.
  • Poor maintenance. Without a regular maintenance session, your furnace will accrue dust and debris, while the air filter can become clogged if left unchanged. A regular maintenance session will clean up the dust, improving air flow and helping your furnace run as efficiently as it can.

Great heating service in Woodland Park depends on swift identification of any furnace issues, and a reliable heating repair service to address them. Airflow Pros Heating & Air Conditioning has served Colorado communities for over two decades, and has the experience to deal with any common furnace problems you may encounter. 24 hour emergency service is available, so don’t hesitate: give us a call today!

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