Do All Air Conditioning Systems Use a Refrigerant?

Here at Airflow Pros, we often get asked by our customers about how air conditioning systems work. We wanted to offer a quick explanation and then talk a little bit about some other types of air conditioning systems that operate in a completely different way than traditional AC systems.

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How Air Conditioning Systems Work

Have you ever used a can of compressed air to clean your computer? You may have noticed that the outside of the can get really cold. Your AC system uses this same principle to cool your home. A compressor in your outdoor unit compresses the refrigerant and then circulates it to the indoor unit. Once there, it releases the refrigerant, which then cools a series of evaporator coils. A fan blows warm air from your home over these cold coils and then circulates the newly-cooled air throughout your home. The now warm refrigerant heads back to the outdoor unit where another fan exhausts the heat from it.

The Swamp Cooler

When you get hot, your body starts to sweat. It does this because when the sweat evaporates it cools your skin. Swamp coolers take advantage of this principle in order to cool your home.

These systems are comprised of a box whose sides are filled with a dense pad—often made of wood fiber or a type of plastic. A water pump inside the box pumps water into this dense pad. Also inside the box is a large fan. The fan pulls in warm air from the outside through the pad. The warm air evaporates the water, thus cooling the air. The fan then pushes the cool air into your home. Swamp coolers require a constant supply of water because they evaporate so much of it. In dry climates, swamp coolers have the added benefit of adding moisture to the air as well.

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