Heating Repair Options for Your Boiler

Why are boilers still so popular for home heating when many more advanced systems have come along? There are a number of reasons, but the biggest is perhaps reliability. Boilers usually last longer than other heaters, and they need fewer repairs. The simple action of heating water and circulating it through a home to provide warmth means a boiler has few moving parts, and therefore few components that will wear down and need repairs or replacements. Well-cared for, a boiler can last a generation.

Actually, well-cared for and well-repaired. Regardless of their durability, boilers do occasionally require repairs, and you should schedule them as soon as you feel something is going wrong with your heating.

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Some options for boiler repair:

  • Fixing leaks: Leaking is the most common problem that boilers face. The usual cause of leaking is an increase in pressure inside the tank, although poor soldering along the connections and damage from corrosion can also cause it. Leaks need to be sealed as soon as possible, since they will not only threaten your heating, they will threaten construction material as well. Professionals need to take care of this task, because they also must track down the reason the leaks started.
  • De-liming the tank: This is one of the causes of increased water pressure. Limescale develops inside a tank because of hard water (water with a high mineral content). As the hard water’s temperature is raised, the minerals leave limescale residue along the inside of the tank. Limescale is an insulator, so it will imbalance the temperature inside the tank and result in overheating. Technicians can de-lime the tank to eliminate the slimescale.
  • Removing corrosion: Wherever water and metal are found together, corrosion and rust is possible. Boilers have built-in mechanisms to help prevent corrosion, but if these fail, oxidation will start to occur, leading to corrosion. Corrosion must be dealt with fast because it weakens metal and eventually causes it to crumble apart. A fully corroded tank is in danger of bursting and should be replaced. Have the corrosion removed before it gets to that point.

Call for repairs sooner rather than later

Repair needs in a boiler will spread if not attended to, and you could end up with a boiler that needs replacement instead of repairs. Professionals can usually handle most repairs quickly and effectively. Call Airflow Pros when you need fast heating repair in Tri Lakes, CO. We have 24-hour emergency services.

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