Heating Repairs Caused by Lack of Maintenance

In a place where the temperature can dip as low as it does in Colorado, scheduling regular maintenance for your heating system is vital for getting through the winter. Your furnace, boiler, heat pump, or ductless mini split system will receive immense use during the upcoming months, and the stress will push it to its limits. Even though modern HVAC systems are designed to handle enormous workloads, no machine is indestructible. Unless your heating system receives proper, regular maintenance, you can expect it to have all kinds of problems that will require repairs.

Here are some of the most common heating repairs our technicians have to perform because a heater hasn’t received regular inspections and tune-ups. If you need heating repair in Black Forest, CO, or want to prevent repairs with a dependable maintenance program, contact Airflow Pros today.

Fixing/replacing blower fan belts: During maintenance, a technician working on a furnace will make sure that the belt turning the blower fan isn’t suffering wear and developing cracks. If necessary, the technicians will tighten the belt to improve its operation. Without this care, fan belts can crack and break, leaving you with no air circulation. A professional will need to repair or replace the belt.

Sealing boiler leaks from corrosion: Under normal conditions, your boiler won’t have any trouble with rust and corrosion. But without regular attention, the anode rod on your boiler that prevents corrosion will rust through—and the tank will begin to rust and corrode. This will lead to leaks that require professional sealing. If not taken care of soon, the whole tank may need replacement.

Replacing burned-out motors: If your forced-air heating system (furnaces and heat pumps) collects excess dust that starts to penetrate the air filter, it will lead to grime collecting across important motors. This will cause the motors to wear down faster because of friction on their moving parts, and eventually they will burn out. In addition to scheduling regular maintenance, make sure to change the air filter once a month.

Remember that regular maintenance does more than prevent expensive repairs: it will make sure your heater runs effectively and efficiently. You’ll get improved heating and reduced bills. Our technicians at Airflow Pros are NATE-certified to assure you that you will get top-quality during your maintenance visits.

Avoid the hassles of heating repair in Black Forest, CO this winter: sign up for regular maintenance with Airflow Pros!

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