My Colorado Springs Heating System is Making a Funny Noise

A dependable home heating system is one of the great luxuries of modern life. No matter how great your home heating system is, though, it is impossible to completely eliminate the need for occasional heating system repair. The sooner that any necessary heating repair service is completed, the less likely it is that your heater will suffer any serious damages. Understanding some warning signs that may indicate a need for service from Airflow Pros, the Colorado Springs heating repair company you can count on, can help avoid more complex issues. Here are some examples of common heating system noises, as well as some possible causes.

If you use a furnace to heat your home you may notice a variety of different sounds that cause alarm. While not all of these sounds will indicate a serious problem in your home, it is always best to have them inspected by a qualified professional. One such noise is a loud metallic clanging. This may be the heat exchanger or your ductwork expanding and contracting. While it is not necessarily a sign of a problem with your heating and air conditioning system, it is possible for these surfaces to crack over time.

Any high pitched whining sounds should also be addressed as soon as possible. This may be the result of a lack of lubrication on the fan or a belt. If moving parts in your furnace are not lubricated properly then they will reduce the efficiency with which your furnace operates and may result in damage to your system.

If you use a boiler to heat your home it should be pretty much silent, as it does not feature many moving parts. You may occasionally hear a hammering sound in your pipes, though, that may be the result of a buildup of air pressure. A low rumbling sound may also be heard coming from your boiler. This may indicate a problem with the burner or a buildup of sediment along the bottom of the tank.

Simply paying attention to the operation of your boiler and the sounds it makes can help you heat your home more efficiently and reliably. Contact Airflow Pros today if you are concerned about sounds that your heater is making. Our professional Colorado Springs heating repair technicians have the tools and training necessary to keep your heater working as intended.

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