Things to Look for When Upgrading Your Furnace

When it comes to the furnace that keeps you warm during the cold days in Colorado, you shouldn’t need to replace a broken one for many years provided that you keep up with regular heating maintenance and repairs as soon as you know they’re necessary. But just because your furnace is working doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider upgrading to a newer model—especially if your current model is near or beyond its twenty-year anniversary. You may be wasting money on an inefficient system and missing out on some other benefits of advanced heating technology.

Here are some things you should look for when you want to upgrade to a newer, better model of furnace in Monument, CO. Call Airflow Pros with help navigating your many choices, and for a superior job installing it so it will provide with you all the new advantages you want.

Factors For Upgrading Your Furnace

  • Higher AFUE rating: The biggest change between and older furnace and a newer one is the AFUE rating, which rates how efficiently the furnace converts its fuel source to heat. If you have an old furnace, it probably has an AFUE around 60–65%, which means a waste of about 35–40% of the fuel up the exhaust flue. Newer furnaces can start with an AFUE of 78% and with the technology of a condensing furnace can even reach 98%: almost no waste at all.
  • Modulating furnace: Another way to save energy with a new furnace is to invest in a modulating furnace model, which combines a modulating gas valve that controls the gas used for the burners with variable speed blower motors. The furnace automatically adjust itself so that is does not always runs the fan at full capacity and regulates the fuel burn. This not only saves on energy, but it provides more precise heat levels. Installing one may also qualify you for a federal energy tax cut.
  • Electric ignition: The standard way of lighting a furnace for many decades was the standing pilot light. However, standing pilot lights consume extra energy while they wait for the gas burners to turn on. With electric ignition, a spark or a hot surface ignites the burner, which is much more efficient for operation—and less likely to fail like a pilot light.

Professionals Can Give You More Options

When you consult with installation professionals regarding a new furnace in Monument, CO, they can offer advice about which of the many advanced models will work best for your home and provide you with the top energy savings. Look to the NATE-certified technicians at Airflow Pros to help you find and install the right furnace upgrade.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your furnace or need other heating systems installed for your home in Monument, CO, give us a call today and schedule your next appointment!

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