Top Reasons to Replace Your Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning replacement in Colorado Springs is an important decision. The high elevation and widely varying temperatures mean that a reliable AC unit is absolutely essential to keeping your home comfortable. Everyone hopes that their AC remains functioning for many years, but the day will eventually come when you need to replace your air conditioning system with a new one. Here are some of the biggest reasons why.

  • Not doing the job. The first and most obvious reason to replace your AC is because the current one isn’t doing its job. Whether it’s too old, too large or small for your home, or just because it’s suffered too much wear and tear over the years, if it’s not keeping your home cool and comfortable, it needs to be replaced.
  • Lower bills. If you notice an uptick in your energy bills, it probably means that your air conditioning needs replacement. Air conditioning units more than ten years old often require expensive repairs, and their SEER (Seasons Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is often lower than it needs to be. A new unit with a SEER rating of 13 or higher, will lower those monthly bills and reduce the need to call in a repairman.
  • Too many repairs. Above and beyond the costs of an inefficient system, the need to schedule frequent repairs can pinch your pocketbook.
  • Varying temperature needs. An older central air conditioning system may have just one temperature setting that applies throughout the house. Newer models, especially split systems can let you vary the temperature from room to room, ensuring that everyone in your family is comfortable while saving you money by only cooling the rooms you need.
  • Noise. Old AC systems can be loud and disruptive, while newer ones are often much quieter. If you’d like your AC to knock off the rumbling and buzzing, a new one may be just what you need.

The experts at Airflow Pros know the ins and outs of air conditioning replacement in Colorado Springs. We can help you select a new system that suits your needs, and install it with the courtesy and professionalism on which we’ve made our name. If you need to replace your air conditioning system, call us to set up an appointment today. You’ll be glad you did!

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