What Causes My AC To Leak Water?

Every homeowner needs a good air conditioning system in order to keep cool during the hot summer months. But with all the use that your AC gets it can lead to the need for more repair. One common repair that we get called to fix is leaking water. At Airflow Pros we offer complete AC repair in Colorado Springs and we wanted to talk about what might e causing this issue for your system.

Colorado Springs AC Repair: Leaking Water

If your air conditioning system is leaking water there is one very likely cause behind it: clogged condensate drain.

If you’ve ever taken a cold glass outside on a hot day then you’ve undoubtedly noticed how condensation will form on the outside of the glass. This is because hot air can hold more moisture and as it cools against the glass it will release its moisture.

The same thing happens with your air conditioning system as it passes the warm, moist air of your house over a series of cold evaporator coils. When it’s operating normally, this condensation will drip from the coils into a condensate pan and drain away. However, a common problem is that the condensate drain will or lines will get clogged with dust and dirt and cause the pan to overflow.

How to Prevent Your AC from Leaking Water

Condensate clogs are a common call for AC repair in Colorado Springs that we get. But it is one of the most costly repairs because of the potential for lasting water damage. Probably the best way to prevent your air conditioning system’s condensate drain from getting clogged is to get regular maintenance. During regular maintenance visits, your AC technician will look for any issues that could be developing with the drain or the drain lines. They will clean these components out before any clogs have the chance to form.

When you need AC repair in Colorado Springs just call us here at Airflow Pros. We also offer regular air conditioning maintenance if you’re interested in potentially reducing the need for repair.

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