What You Need to Know about Heat Pumps this Summer in Colorado Springs?

As the temperatures begin to rise in Colorado Springs, CO, energy efficiency is on the minds of most homeowners. Maximizing the ratio between energy input and cooling output is important to your budget and the environment. While there is no shortage of cooling options on the market today, heat pumps remain one of the most efficient types of cooling. Not only do they perform well across a wide range of temperatures, they also work year round to move heat in and out of your home. In this post, we’d like to talk about the value of heat pumps in the summer. For Colorado Springs heat pumps, call the Airflow Pros today!

Heat pumps work just like air conditioners. There is an outdoor unit that contains the compressor and the condenser coil, and an indoor unit that contains the air handler and evaporator coil. There is a cycle of refrigerant that moves in a loop through stages of pressurized evaporation and condensation. The basic principle is the transfer of heat. Both the heat pump and the AC remove heat from the interior of your home and send it to the evaporator coil, which absorbs the heat, and moves it to the compressor outside. Your exhaust fan dissipates this heat as it runs through the condenser coil. As the pressurized gas makes its loop to return to the indoor unit, it passes through an expansion valve that converts it to a very cold liquid, which in turn “powers” the cool air to be routed into your living space by ductwork. Heat pumps are highly efficient devices that offer quality cooling performance at great value.

Heat pumps can also do more than your average AC. They also work in the reverse direction during the winter months. Instead of only extracting heat from the interior of your home, they can also extract heat from even the coldest air outside, and use this thermal energy to provide heating to your home. They are widely praised for their versatile year-round performance. Talk with a professional about how a heat pump could positively impact your comfort this cooling season. For Colorado Springs, CO heat pump installation, call the Airflow Pros today!

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