When Is the Best Time to Get an Air Conditioning Installation?

With summer fading and the Colorado temperature turning cooler, you’re probably more concerned about how you’re going to heat your home during the coming winter than thinking about getting an air conditioner installation to prepare for next summer. However, this is one of the best times to get an AC installation. When you need reliable technicians to perform your air conditioning installation in Monument, CO, set up an appointment with Airflow Pros. Allow us to explain why you should take advantage of the current season to call on our services.

Putting in a new air conditioner is a monumental task. Whether you’re getting central air with ducts, ductless mini splits, or a heat pump, the installation requires expert knowledge to both set up the new AC and to see that it is sufficient for the specific needs of your home. You will probably also want to rely on a technician for advice on which system is best for you. Because of the time and labor involved, installing an air conditioner should happen during a time when professionals have less crowded schedules.

March through May, when spring begins and the weather hasn’t started to get too hot, is one of the better times to get a new AC installed. But the best time is right now—the fall. Because of the heavy winters in Colorado, November through February is one of the busiest periods for HVAC technicians as they answer multiple emergency calls. It’s easier to get an appointment during the quieter period in the fall.

Here’s something else to keep in mind: scheduling fall air conditioning installation also gives you an opportunity to have the technicians perform routine maintenance on your heating system to make sure it’s ready to take care of you during the winter. We recommend an annual inspection to tune-up your heater, check its efficiency, and attend to any repairs it may need. Take care of two issues at once: get an appointment for preventive maintenance when you arrange for your air conditioning installation. HVAC specialists should have no trouble penciling you in on their schedule for both jobs this fall.

Airflow Pros offers both air conditioning and heating solutions when you need them. We’re so confident in our work that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of the seasonal change, get an air conditioning installation in Monument, CO from our experienced team of NATE-certified technicians today.

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