When Should I Get a New Heating System Installed?

If you’re asking yourself about when you should get a new heating system installation, it’s either because a) you think your current heater is coming to the end of its useful days, or b) you’ve already decided on getting a replacement and want to know when is the best time to get it done.

We can address the second concern with a simple answer: get your Colorado Springs, CO heating installation scheduled now. Fall is the best time for a new installation, not only because you’ll have the heater in time for the heavy winter, but because you’ll also take advantage of a slower time for HVAC technicians. At Airflow Pros, we do our best to give all our customers prompt service, but for a large task like heating installation, we definitely find it easier to provide you a convenient appointment during the fall.

As to the question of whether you should get a new heating system at all—that depends. Take into account the age of your current system. If you inherited it with your home, then it’s likely already seen years of use, and the previous owner may have failed to keep up with regular maintenance. If you’re encountering numerous repairs for one of these older systems, then replacement might be the best route to getting better comfort with fewer future expenses. For younger systems, getting professional repairs and maintenance may take care of your worries for a few years without the need of getting a new system.

Also consider your heating bills: if you’ve noticed an increase that hasn’t changed despite regular check-ups and repairs, then you may have a heater close to the end of its service life. Call a professional to come to your home and measure your heater’s energy use to see if it’s too aged to perform effectively.

A common warning sign that you need a new heater is a barrage of strange and loud noises. If your furnace or heat pump starts to operate with loud grinding and humming sounds that continue regardless of regular care, then it’s probably time to replace it.

Because getting a new heater installed is a major task, don’t make the choice lightly—and don’t make it without consulting a knowledgeable professional. To get a great heating installation in Colorado Springs, CO, contact the NATE-certified technicians at Airflow Pros. They’ll figure out if a new heater is your best choice, help you select the type and size, and then install it quickly and properly. Get a jump on the winter with Airflow Pros!

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