When to Get a New Heater Installed

We’re poised at the edge of another chilly Colorado winter, and all of us here at Airflow Pros hope that you and your family are prepared for it. If you aren’t… well, that’s why we’re here: to help you bolster your heating for the season.

Although it’s always a good idea to have your heater maintained this time of year, as well as to schedule any necessary repairs, it might also be the right time for a new heating installation in Black Forest. We realize this is a big decision to make; but you don’t have to make it alone. We’ll offer you guidance in this post so you’ll have a better idea on whether you should swap out your old heater for a new one. You can always contact us for additional help.

When should I have new heating installation?

  • Your current heater is extremely old: What qualifies as “extremely old” depends on the heater, but anything over 20 years is probably near the end up its service life. If you have a heater that old, you should have professionals examine it to see how efficiently it is working and if it might be more economical and practical to replace it now and avoid the trouble of having it break down later.
  • Your heating bills continue to climb: An aging heater will begin to work inefficiently and strain to produce the same level of heat it once did. If you see that your heating bills are increasing, even with prompt repairs and routine maintenance, then your heater probably has become too worn down to function as it should any more.
  • Repairs become frequent: If it feels like you’re having your heater serviced so often that you should offer room and board to your repair technician, then you should check over the costs of all your recent repairs and compare the total to the price of a new installation. You might be surprised—and then run to the phone to schedule installation.
  • Constant noisy operation: Any single, unusual noise from a heater can warn you about an individual repair need. But a system that grinds, rumbles, and groans whenever it comes on is approaching the stage of a full breakdown… one from which it will not likely recover.

Consult with the experts

Installing a new heater requires time and preparation: you need to decide on the right type of heating system to replace your old one, and the new heater must be sized properly so it will provide the correct level of heat. You’ll need HVAC professionals to assist you with this, so if you think you are ready for a new installation, call up a company like Airflow Pros and start the process right. We are fully NATE-certified to give you quality heating installation in Black Forest, CO.

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