Why Am I Not Getting Enough Cooling?

When you turn on your air conditioning system you expect it to quickly cool your home to a comfortable temperature. A very common air conditioning repair in Colorado Springs is insufficient cooling. If your home isn’t getting enough cooling you should probably call for professional repair services from your local AC contractor. Here at Airflow Pros, we have been providing outstanding air conditioning repair services for all different types and brands of systems. We wanted to help our customers understand exactly why this issue is happening with their system.

What Causes Insufficient Cooling?

You need to have good air conditioning in Colorado Springs. When your air conditioning system starts to malfunction don’t wait to call for repair. If you aren’t getting enough cooling you AC unit isn’t going to fix itself. Here are a few possible causes for not enough cooling.

  • Thermostats – If your thermostats are faulty they could be detecting the wrong temperature in your home and telling your air conditioning system not turn off too early. This would result in your home not getting cool enough. Your AC repair contractor will be able to fix this issue relatively quickly.
  • Compressor issues – Your air conditioning system uses a series of coils filled with compressed refrigerant to cool your home. Obviously, in order to compress the refrigerant your air conditioner uses a compressor. If the compressor isn’t working well it will result in your AC not being able to cool your home. The compressor could be leaking or its motor might be broken or the capacitor could be broken as well.
  • Dirty coils – As we mentioned above, your AC uses a series of coils filled with refrigerant to cool your home. If the coils are dirty they won’t be able to effectively cool your home.
  • Fan motor – The indoor unit of your air conditioning system contains a fan motor that is connected by a belt to a fan motor. The fan is responsible for blowing the warm air of your home over the coils. If the fan motor is broken it won’t be able to push enough cool air into your home. This issue could be solved simply by replacing the fan belt but often it requires more in-depth work to repair or replace the fan motor.

For all your air conditioning services in Colorado Springs make sure that you call Airflow Pros. We can fix any issue that you might be having and will work hard to get your system back up and working again quickly.

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