Why Isn’t My Heating Blowing the Air?

For a forced-air heater like a furnace or a heat pump, you expect to feel a steady stream of warm air emanating from your vents when the heater is operating. And you should: proper airflow is essential to receive proper heating and an even distribution of comfort.

But sometimes a furnace or heat pump will turn on—you’ll hear the compressors, motors, burners, etc. activate and the system hum, but no hot air comes from the vents. In fact, no air comes from the vents period. What could cause this, and how can you restore your heater to proper performance?

We’ll look at some of the ways your heater could lose its air pressure. If this happens to your heater, contact Airflow Pros for professional assistance with available heating options in Woodland Park, CO that will get your heater once again blowing air into your home.

Reasons for Loss of Airflow in a Heater

  • Broken blower motor in the air handler: The air handler is the unit of your furnace or heat pump responsible for distributing the heated air throughout the ductwork. If the air handler malfunctions and breaks down, the air will not go anywhere. A common reason for air handler shut down is when the blower motor breaks because of malfunctions, which means no blower unit, and that means no air pressure at all.
  • Broken fan belt: Older air handlers didn’t use direct motors hooked up to the fan, but instead used fan belts. A broken fan belt will cause the fan to cease working, and there will be no airflow.
  • Clogged air filter: The air filter on the air return ducts keeps dust and debris from entering the cabinet of the furnace or heat pump and causing damage. These filters must be changed once a month during the prime heating season, or else they will become excessively clogged with dust. Eventually, they will choke off the air into the system, and there will be no flow.

Call for Professional Repairs

If you need work done on your heater because the air handler has malfunctioned, you need to call in trained experts to take care of the job; you can’t expect to achieve the repairs on your own without causing extra damage that would require more repairs. Entrust the work to NATE-certified specialists with the training that can solve this problem quickly. Call up our staff at Airflow Pros today when you don’t feel the warm air flowing from your vents and you know you need repairs for your heating in Woodland Park, CO.

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