Why You Should Ask for Free Estimates When Seeking Boiler Repairs

“Do you give free estimates?”

Some boiler repair technicians dread this question, while others expect it and welcome it. It depends on the quality of the technician. You might dread asking the question, afraid of the reaction. But when you need repairs for a boiler in Colorado Springs, CO, there are a few reasons why you should definitely ask about free estimated.

(And don’t worry about asking our technicians from Airflow Pros. Yes, we offer free estimates. Just give us a call!)

Reasons to Ask For Free Estimates

  • It rarely hurts to ask: You aren’t risking anything when you ask for free estimates. Basically, you’re trying to get information about the people you are thinking of hiring. If the contractors say they don’t provide free estimates, it’s another piece of information you can use to make your decision if you hire them or not. It’s highly unlikely a contractor will refuse to work for you if you ask; they still want your business.
  • “Shopping” is important when it comes to repairs: Repairs from boilers range from simple, inexpensive fixes to costly tasks (like changing a rusted tank). You deserve to know what kind of job you have from the beginning, and you should be able to compare prices just as you would when shopping in a store. Contractors confident in their skills know this and will help you out.
  • To get a ballpark idea of what you need: Remember, an estimate is just that. It isn’t the final price, and a contractor cannot foresee other possible complications (or simplifications). However, the estimate will give you the sense of what kind of work is involved, and it may help sway you to other options—such as a full boiler replacement. Any extra knowledge you gain is good.

Please keep in mind that repair technicians are professionals. If you think a contractor has offered you a fair price, put your trust in them and hire them for the repair. Don’t use this knowledge to try to hire an amateur to do the work—it will end up costing much more and will probably result in a poorly working boiler. If a professional has been gracious enough to give you a free estimate, put that as a mark in his or her favor for deciding who should do the repair work.

At Airflow Pros, we consider giving free estimates part of the job. This way we can show our customers upfront that we value honesty and integrity, and that we understand they may wish to have a second opinion. However, we believe that even with that second opinion, you’ll come back to Airflow Pros and our NATE-certified technicians to handle the repairs for your boiler in Colorado Springs, CO.

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